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About Me

Hello fellow humans,

*prepare for an intro by a weird person*

Here I am, a 22 year old girl from from the South American continent, where I’m working on my Bachelor in Management Science.

I am socially awkward, if I maybe met you guys in person, I would probably bum you out with my weirdness. But hey!! We all are a little cookoo right? I mean I have a neighbor who likes to eat coffee beans, still a great guy.

As you can see, when I have to talk about myself, I do not know what to say most of the time, but what I do want to do with this blog is to connect with people who are like minded, whom I can relate to with my posts and offer a feeling of positivity and improvement in your life, no matter what you do or what you are ( any aliens here btw? I have some questions).

As any young person in this day and age, I also worry about various aspects of my life. Am I succeeding or not? Am I taking the right steps? How to do these damn eyebrows?! I want to share my own views on these aspects of life which are fundamental before we take steps towards anything and I also want to hear your opinions on the stuff happening on this site.

I am deeply grateful to have an opportunity to make friends and connect, as a very shy person myself with very few friends, taking this step was a big deal for me.

So I hope you guys like my content and may we be connected and prosper.


With kind regards

Love Kaajal