For the past 6 months, there has been a noticeable shift in almost everything I occur in my daily life. This post is for the people out there who feel the same but do not talk about it out of fear or any other reason. These changes and differences are obvious in so many ways that I just have to get it out.

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A rollercoaster of this thing

As we all know, ever since 2020 started, things have been going downhill for many especially due to the Corona virus, but also up the damn hill for others. I am quite a spiritual person and I do trust my compass which I call intuition. Now having declared that, I can say that the past 6 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions like never before encountered. Daily habits and tasks feel different and not to mention the change in energy in split seconds.

Social Media Negativity

Almost every single post I encounter has some kind of violence in it or some level of positivity. But the number of negative posts is tiring and exhaustive to deal with which resulted in me doing a small detox when it comes to social media. It is understandable with all the protests, Corona crisis, and just add on the pile. But constantly seeing these posts creates a drainage of positive energy and an increase in negative thoughts. Sometimes my gut feeling tells me that is being done on purpose so guess what? Logging off!! It is recommended to preserve your optimism at this time rather than wasting it away.

People Seem Different

I do not talk to people much but the ones I talked to on the streets randomly or people I meet in the grocery stores have different personalities. Usually, I meet people who are more reserved or do not state their opinion on stuff but people say nice things out of the blue, help you out for no reason or they state their wishes for a better earth where we all get along. I have had this happen many times since January 2020. This never happened so much in my entire life. In just a span of six months, people are acting differently than ever before.

Shifts In Loved Ones

People I know quite well as in my mother, partner, and many others have undergone some kind of change that feels automated at times and organic at other times. I cannot quite explain how these intuitive triggers come up but this is the exact word I can use to describe their interactions with me. Many of them are talking about topics they were skeptical about in the past years. It is so weird to hear a person talk about something they absolutely refused to believe in just days before. My friends who are also on the spiritual side of the spectrum, claim to have similar experiences with their loved ones.

Feelings Of A Global Shift In Education, Work, And Other Fields

School has totally changed as well as the efforts to work. To keep in mind I am still talking about my experiences so if this does not sound familiar, that is okay! The effort we used to put in education has dropped drastically in my opinion. I have friends all around the world that I talk to on a regular basis that claimed to have seen the same in their particular area. Work is now a portable thing, everything is done at a relaxed pace. Remember how stressful it was to start your car at 7 AM, go through the horrible traffic just to deal with people you do not like. Now thanks to technology, we can do all that remotely. All this time we could finish school, do our jobs by just having a laptop and internet connection.

I know that shifts are truly happening, for some it is easy to admit, to enjoy the ride, and have a hopeful future. For others it might feel like a total collapse of their own world with no light at the end of the tunnel, but please do not lose hope! There is always sunshine after the rain. Do any similar feelings flow through you? Any similarities you would like to share?

Love Kaajal