We all have had experiences with some toxic bosses and coworkers in our lives. The energy in the room is dense plus not to mention the anxiety that suffocates you when interacting with them.

But we also have had some extremely competent leaders to grace the work floor and guide us into improving ourselves and the company. When looking at these 2 situations, you can positively state that character and personality matters in our so-called leaders.


How does an arrogant boss treat his fellow people? Does he fire you for being sick frequently? Are the complaints frequent eventhough you’re trying hard? Is everything your fault? You can add to the list all you want but a bad boss can be felt to the core.

How does a sensitive, caring leader treat his fellow people? The thing is you don’t feel like he will fire you or undermine you when things go down or when mistakes are made. He guides you, teaches you, and cares about all his coworkers.


The character and personality of a leader can influence the company’s overall energy which can lead to other effects. A broad insight on characted and personality can be found here. A caring leader makes his people feel at ease, you WANT to go to work. You WANT to do a good job because you know he or she has your back. You feel FREE to ask questions and not feel judged because he or she is open to helping you improve yourself.

We humans can sense genuine care and if you’re NOT  a narcissist, you will want to reciprocate that in any way. You can feel the vibes in the office when someone was being toxic or if your coworkers are enjoying their work. It can all be felt!


Imagine being in a toxic environment because you have a very toxic boss which follows with toxic coworkers. Some will want to suck up glory from this horrible boss and some will want to secretly slash his tires. All this comes into the picture when a boss’s character and personality are not in alignment with being a decent human being.

A good human being possesses a sensitive core and he or she CARES! A good leader has integrity, honesty, and solidarity. The world in this era requires some of us to be an ass sometimes but don’t let a boss who does not care about you, dictate your self-worth. With all that is going on around the globe, we need caring leaders more than ever.

A thriving company with happy employees can only come to existence due to good leadership.

What is your opinion on this rampant issue?