As a full-time student and a parttime assistant in an educational firm, there is only so much I can do in a day. For a beginners blog, I thought it will be better if readers knew what I do everyday,….almost everyday.

Well, for starters, I live in a rental with my mother and little brother. Both of them work full-time jobs so they leave the house earlier than I do.

Every morning I wake up at 7AM because the sun starts shining through my thin curtains. I then:

  • I brush my teeth in the sink and walk to the kitchen.
  • I make myself coffee or tea and enjoy that in my hammock , which almost every Caribbean local has in their house.
  • I take 15 minutes to take in the weather, noises while playing with my little white bunny Norris.
  • By this time it is already 8AM so I take a shower.
  • I fix myself breakfast and keep calm till its 9AM.
  • After eating I reflect on how I want my day to go or check up on my homework till 10:30AM which means it’s time to WORK!

I work in an educational firm that sells courses to people who have difficulty with attending classes or huge payments for degrees. The firm hands out these courses providing comfort in your space and time in finishing your course which means no classes, but online studying in your own space. So that is what I do in a nutshell. After finishing up I leave for school at 4PM.

I’m studying Management Science for a bachelor degree and classes start at 4:30PM till 9:15PM.

After wrapping this up, I start my engines to leave and head home thinking about a joint and coffee.

If traffic is favorable, I get home in half an hour so approximately at 9:45PM I arrive home. After taking a shower and scrubbing my face, I chill with my laptop, books or catch up on school stuff.

I am a nightowl and I have no problem staying up late and waking up early so I sometimes sleep at 3AM in the morning when I want to stay awake and paint, draw or do something artistic, otherwise I fall asleep before the clock hits 00:00.

I do not have a strict routine or that I follow some kind of regime because I am a person that acts on feeling the moment. If something does not feel right, I just don’t do it.

Sometimes I stay awake and paint, sometimes I meditate , sometimes I do a thing I have never done before like playing jenga with my books or building a cardboard dollhouse ( which I didn’t finish yet).

So if my readers ever see several other posts about daily life, just know it is different for me almost everyday because I chose to have a different day, nothing more nothing less.

Expect another daily-life posts where you might read some weird shit that I did at 2AM. Life is short,pleasant and full of joy!!

Abundance and Prosperity

Love, Kaajal