Almost everyone I know has had the wish or the urge to visit some tropical island with palm trees and sea breeze. As a resident of a tropical Caribbean, I can truly say how amazing it is to live in a sunny country, where collecting rain water is not against the law.

Although I live in Suriname, which has no sandy beaches, but you can access some great jungle fun, but I will leave that for another post. I have been to tropical islands like Aruba, Curacao and more. The islands truly give you another breath of fresh life-juice, take it from me.


Laying in the west of the Atalntic Ocean, this region has good weather all year round with an occasional hurricane here and there. The rumors about the islands being a no-go zone during the hurricane season is not true, it really depends on the severity of the hurricane. The hurricane season starts from June 1 till November 30. I personally visited the islands in September between the 1st and the 3rd week without any complications. In my country Suriname, the rates in September are higher because all the schools are closed from August till October 1st and the majority of the population book their flights during this time period. If you are in another country, the rates might be better.


What exactly are you doing on an island if going to the beach is not on your list? Surrounded by the oceans, the islands are calling people are over the world to come enjoy their fantastic beaches which are always kept clean ( if the local heads want to invest in cleaning of course, I cannot speak for all the islands). Palm trees are also the iconic landmarks that surround the island. Most beaches have a local rental for beach equipments like chairs, tents, cabana’s etc. The prices vary from $10-$25 depending on what you want to rent.


Eventhough there various types of restaurants in the Caribbean like Brazilian, Mexican, Italian etc, seafood from each culture is being slurped by almost everyone who comes across the seafood choices. From shrimp cocktails to the very expensive Blue Lobster, everything can be found in the tropics. Vegan options are growing faster than ever since the demand of mindful food has increased. Many enjoy these with the breeze. There are seafood platters available from $25 with a few select choices from sea animals and greens to platters valued from $40 for the main dish and all kinds of side dishes. Prices vary when the seasons change, but other than that I would dip my head in that platter!


Ah! The main thing a lot of fellow tourists come to do here is sailing. Why? It’s relaxing, the seabreeze is just indescribable plus the sunset seen from a boat while moving slowly with the waves in the middle of the sea is just breathtaking! Everyone should try this at least once. There are various sailing companies that provide full sailing experiences on their websites. You should email them beforehand if your stay is going to be short because it will make the procedures go smoothly than when you show up on their steps demanding a full sailing on the spot!! Make sure you pack stuff that will come in handy in the boat and leave all your valued possessions at home or in the hotel. The sailing companies are not responsible for loss of luggage. The information about the whole procedure will be given out by the company itself. Just do it and enjoy!


Visiting the old historical places is a must do in this region with more than 20 islands waiting to be put on Instagram for the world to see. To name some:  The California Lighthouse, Aruba which has a restaurant right next to the lighthouse. The Brimstone Hill Fortress, St Kitts, which has a magnificent view of the south region of this small island. Or the beautiful St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados which is now a museum and a cafe open 6 days a week except Saturday from 10AM to 3:30PM. All these sights carry the history of the kolonial times and the times before and can be booked from your local agent or online. A defenite must see!!

These activities can be done in your own country, so why do people choose to go to the Caribbean? Because it is THE Caribbean!! Everything can be enjoyed at once, the fresh breeze, the cocktails and gamba’s, beautiful people, a gorgeous sunset and a warm heart. What more do you need to fully enjoy your moments in this magical chain of islands?


Packing for the tropics can be enjoyable, at least for me. There are some things you just cannot miss taking with you on your trip.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Sundresses/Shorts
  • Moisturizer (the sun dries your skin faster on the islands)
  • Snake-bite kits
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Insurance
  • Copies of documents and store original save in the hotel
  • Carry water at all times when hiking or sailing
  • First-Aid kit

These are the things I needed the most when I was traveling to the tropics and I forgot the shorts which was a bummer because I had to buy them after landing so I put that on the list as well. You are going to need shorts or light clothing a lot, it is warm at times.

Hope you enjoyed the post or got any information that was helpful for you,

Thank you for reading,

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