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Today, everywhere you look, you can see veganism working its magic on people all around the world. Even cooking shows display their wide interest in vegan food by organizing competitions with a vegan theme. We have cookbooks, high end restaurants with a vegan menu for the fellow group of different taste.

Since the trend of food has taken over the traffic, we have seen the spreading of it since 2000. Well as we all know the term vegan was invented by Donald Watson in November 1944. But veganism has been in existence since the ancient times.

Observing vegans in real life and online, birthed a new question which I was curious to find answers for. Why are vegans more radiant and flourishing in mind, body and life than meat-eaters?

I went on a research to try and get some answers for my question. And what I found was truly shocking but logical, why I never thought of it earlier made me mad!

So first of all, we are energy, the food we consume is also energy. So what type of energy are you putting in your body? An animal who was killed obviously cried in anguish and died, that is what the majority eats: pain, no wonder we all feel depressed!

Plants on the other hand which are grown on soil, the same soil we return to after death, green, grown with water and love, do not give you sh*t like cancer or depression. Plants are alive, literally made to consume! Do not let anyone come to you with a bullsh*t story about plants having feelings too. They lack a spine and a nerve-system, so bye bye to that theory.

Why has it taken over the world? Obviously people are becoming more conscious of what to do and put in their bodies. We can see the rising of institutions specially designed for a vegan lifestyle in almost every country.

Dismissive people who have tried the challenge after a long lecture from vegan loved ones have even turned the stone to being completely animal-free. Here are 3 testimonials from South American residents residing in Suriname. Each individual comes from a different racial group and different lifestyle in the parental house. In Suriname people are prone to first live with the parents till they can move out, but the pressure from the elders are different in each house. The official language in Suriname is Dutch so bear with me.

*Names are changed to protect the privacy of the candidates

  1. Vivian(Chinese): I personally loved meat and ate all kinds of dishes with my then best friend Symora. The introduction to vegan food was done by my niece who is vegan ever since 2009. I was skeptical at first but she paid me to try it for a month and if I didn’t than I could continue with the meat. I kept the money and never went back. The situation at home was a daily meat meal, so we ate meat almost everyday. It was hard to convert with a meat comsuming family but luckily we have an understanding.
  2. Dimitri(African-American): Meat was my thing, the thought of eating grass for all my life made me laugh. But I came across an article that my girlfriend was reading, listing all the side effects of eating meat and the psychological consequences on your mental wellbeing. I dropped it all step by step in 6 months, and I am so thankful I did. My parents made fun of me but I really do not care anymore. Try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  3. Aradhana(Indian): I have been vegan since I lost my father. In my culture vegetarianism is normal en considered a rule. No meat in the house or in your body. My father was a priest and he told me that he used to eat meat a lot when he was younger until my grandfather showed him where all the sickness comes from, that is why he made it a rule to keep us safe from mental and physical poisoning and I am glad he did.

The World Health Organization assessed more than 800 studies about meat only to find out that it causes cancer and a whole bunch of health issues.


So why should you go vegan? Or consider eating vegan food at least a couple times a week?

  1. Healthier body: If 800 studies suggest that meat probably isn’t the best way to go than maybe we should’nt. If your body can get all the nutritions from plants and lentils etc, wouldn’t that be healthier? Do not cry about not having much choice because we all know that there is too much vegan food to choose from in this day and age.
  2. Healthy Mind: It is said that a plant-based diet brings clarity and positivity into ones thinking patterns. Because you are not consuming dead animals which is covered in painful energy ( I mean we killed it to eat it) you discard the pain, which leads to more open mindedness. Ask any vegan if they suffer from chronic depression or any unhealthy thoughts on a daily basis and sit around with it like the most of us do! They don’t!
  3. Clear Skin: According to some studies on skin issues between vegan diets and meat based diets, scholars found that the levels of high animal protein and oil in the meat are the main causes of dirty acne outbreaks or even small annoying pimples. A vegan diet has proved to clear it up, but mind that we all are different, some work for others and for some not. Just believe and it will work.
  4. More Energy: Consuming heavy meat is harder to digest and costs more energy, while vegetables are softer and loaded with nutrients of all kinds to provide you with the needed energy. The body saves more energy to digest the veggies compared to digesting meat.
  5. Compassion: By being more mindful and positive you can develop a personality so kind and compassionate, that life just happens for you.

It really all just depends on what you put inside that creates your outside for you. This lifestyle has claimed to change millions of lives into something thet never thought it could be. Look them up online and ask them how it feels and see for yourself.

You decide and You design Your Life


Do see your doctor before making any kind of decision that can change your health!

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Hope this has made some of you aware and informed.