Have you ever heard about the Law of Attraction ? If not then let me ask you this.

Have you ever thought about something and days or weeks later you see the exact same thing happening right in front of you? That is what we call the Law of Attraction. Now imagine if we can set bars way higher than just seeing a TV show on ABC we were thinking about days ago?

The law in a nutshell: The Law of Attraction is basically the law of focus and energy output on positive or negative thoughts which the individual WILL manifest in his or her life because of the energy and focus they put on it.

In 1937 a man named Napoleon Hill published a book called Think and Grow Rich. After that event people started to see changes in their lives. If your focus and energy can change the reality of your standard situation, why not use it to do the most struggling issues we have today? Losing weight!

Energy is everything!

The famous Nikola Tesla once said that if you want to understand the Universe, you need to think in terms of vibrations ,energy and frequencies.

We ARE energy! So by thinking and aligning our vibration to the frequency of our desires, can we manifest anything we want.

There are some things to mind before applying this law into your life.

  • Do not cling to the outcome
  • Do not expect things to turn around instantly
  • Check your state of mind and vibration because a negative mind will not ever give you a positive life
  • Try to alter your subconcious from limiting beliefs
  • Doubt will hold you back from manifesting
  • Love is the main feeling along with gratitude

Many will try to implement this but consider where you are with understanding yourself. We all have negativity going on in life, but that only presents itself to teach us something. BUT, you attracted that lesson, negative or positive.

The subconcious mind does not know real from fake, it takes everything literally. Do you have any idea how powerful this information is?

That means we can FAKE IT TILL WE MAKE IT! This quote has so many levels…..

Let us start how to lose weight with the power of your mind AND your heart, remember that love is the power.

First, start aligning yourself with people who have the body type you want. Do not resent these people or be hateful because that only puts you on a lower vibration. Feeling is the base of manifesting. Feel how it feels like to be skinny or fat ( for people who want to gain weight)and indulge yourself in details.


Situation 1: you are super super overweight and you want to lose weight, but you envy every skinny person you come across. That pulls you back into the ”fat-vibration” , you continue to feel miserable, you attract more miserable into your life and as a result you gain a few more pounds.

Situation 2: you are super super overweight and you want to lose weight, you admire your desired body types with love and detachment, you align yourself with this body type. Your energy focus on that specific desire will start to manifest. Lov yourself despite of what you look like, society does not define you.

If you had parents who broke you down or toxic family member who repeatedly tell you things that are holding you back like ” you’re worthless” etc. Try to censor that and protect your own energy, I will say something important now, YOU CAN CHOOSE HOW TO REACT AND IF YOU SHOULD OR NOT!

You have the power to LET words hurt you and the power to turn it away. Do not doubt what the Universe can do for you. It is infinite!

Childhood experiences and things said to you from year 0 of your life to 7 years old, will be imbedded in your subconcious, so it does not matter if you eat 1000 pounds of kale. If you have an underlying belief that you will never lose weight, you never will.

The subconcious mind controls 95% of our daily lives. We are not even aware!

So first thing you need to do it reprogram the mind to achieve your desires. A reprogramming takes minimal of 21 days of repeated affirmations (one method). For 21 days straight, try repeating affirmations, Say it!






Whatever you want, write it down, repeat it to yourself every morning and every night!

Use YouTube to play affirmations at night, because the subconcious mind can pick it up in your REM cycle.

If you’re done with that we can continue with the weight loss:

  1. Keep a picture of your desired body with you.
  2. Visualize with all your senses how it feels to have that body first thing every morning and every night before bed.
  3. Implement positive thinking and trust in your daily life, the Universe loves you.
  4. Do this for 21 days

Manifestation happens when you LET GO of the outcome, that means being happy regardless of if you get it or not, which makes you happy and fulfilled in the present. THAT is important. Let it go with love.

Look at it this way, if your partner clings on you the whole time for months on end, does that make you want to do something? Yes, not give him anything. The same way goes for the Universe, desperation is need and need is irrelevant, you do not need anything!

Know that what you want is already on its way, feel fabulous anyway, does not matter what size! We all deal with insecurities but we do not need them.




Hope this helped you in some way

Blessings on your way

See you,