Ever seen The Devil Wears Prada? How would it feel to have that faux fur wrapped around your neck? Itchy?

Clothes always played an important role in expressing yourself, consciously or subconsciously.

The attire we put on our backs can make us or break us. Some people simply do not care for what to put on themselves and that will always be okay….for them.

But have you ever thought why you feel amazing wearing that Balmain jacket when going out for cocktails? Why can’t you feel the same way in your PJ’s you love so much in that same environment?

I get it, some days we all feel like not getting ready at all, not caring about our appearance at all. That is okay, always will be. In fact I insist you have more of those days because those days are what really takes the stress away.

In a perfect world we would all be motivated to try and look our best every morning, but it is NOT a perfect world. Many of us are laid back in the morning, not willing to do it all.


I do have some tricks up my sleeve to look classy with the minimal of accessories with all that laziness.

  1. Blazers

There is nothing NOT classy about a blazers pulled off the right way. Just put on a shirt, throw a blazer over it and voila! A blazer exudes proffesionalism and power. Look at the TIME magazine. A lot of those people have blazers on for their cover. Blazer, blazer, blazer.

2. Denim

A classy daily casual look can easily be completed with some plain old, tight jeans. It depends on what kind of casuality there is in your daily environment to wear ripped or just plain jeans. But it does not always matter when you put that blazer on top. Denim jeans or a denim blazer, it’s a win-win.

3. Accessories

Add a watch with a bracelet on each arm to accessorize your look for the day. A watch radiates punctuality and style, even if you’re none of those. Why a watch with bracelets? Well, I chose a minimalistic look for the lazy ones, so just put on a watch, a bracelet and storm out. It only does you good.


4. Plain Old Shirts

Do not, I repeat do not wear a shirt with sleezy comments like  insert here or any stuff like that. That will spoil the whole proffesional look you want to go for. Sleeziness is fun, but at work or in daily out-on-the-street-routine, we should watch our game. I LOVE plain white shirts or black ones that cover up the neck. Add a simple necklace and you’re good to go!

5. Sneakers or flats

Sneaker to be safe in case you have to run. Why sneakers? Have you ever seen someone in sneakers and thought about how bad those look? No! Well…yes if those sneakers were ugly. But the majority of classy sneakers out there are endless. Slip one one and done done London! Flats on the other hands are a little bit easier. Use your inner Vuitton intuition to see if your flats matches your outfit, because they’re easier.

 Nike Sneakers

Summer flats

Some tips for a finishing look for the day :

  1.  Tuck in your shirt.
  2. DO NOT over accessorize jewelry.
  3. Make sure your jeans are not TOO TIGHT!
  4. Watch out for cameltoes.
  5. Make sure you smell great.

Here you have your complete finished look after following these pieces of clothes. It is really just a wave of your energy and use it to throw these on your back, not much is required. Make it fun, feel good while dressing or adorning yourself, there really is more to it than just looking good but it should make you FEEL good too. More on making ourselves prettier in future posts. Any more easy looks we can try out?

See you