Welcome to the Unlimited site.

My name is Kaajal Matai and I am a student from the South American region.

As a young girl with a rough childhood with imprinted limiting beliefs, I decided to go for the Unlimited. The tought behind this blog is to grow, be yourself, feeling and expressing your beauty in all aspects of life.

Make yourself shine, from the inside out!

Many times in our walks, we get to hear how we can never get it all, I say we can get EVERYTHING.

The difference is that I will be trying to do all that with you so you can get a real experience review. I am young and learning everyday, so why not learn with everyone and help along?

My goal is to have deep relationships with people from all walks of life, who can teach me new things and whom I can teach in return. That is what we are here to do.

So enjoy the physical plane with love and keep spreading it.

Deeply humbled,


Kaajal Matai